At LORENA RAMIREZ - YUCATAN LAW OFFICE, we mean business. We are a full service Mexican based business law firm defined by our mission of unyielding client service and satisfaction. We are dedicated to provide comprehensive legal advice to individuals and companies that want to invest, reside or do business throughout the Yucatan Peninsula (Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Campeche). We represent our clients in all phases of the business lifecycle – from start-up businesses with no revenue to large companies with millions in revenue.

We understand that for most of our clients it is very difficult to invest or start a business in a foreign Country, where the language and the legal requirements are different. We apply our experience, combined with practical and understandable advice, to provide legal solutions that are cost-effective, realistic, and focused. In keeping with our fundamental objective, we partner with our clients – becoming a key part of their business team.

Our lawyers have seen business first hand as in-house counsel at major global companies and as senior attorneys at top law firms representing top companies. Whether you are looking for a retirement property, investment, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and hospitality or other dynamic business, we stand ready to assist you achieve your business goals.

We make the time to evaluate your specific needs and unique circumstances to assure you the highest professional performance and efficiency possible.

We recognize that serving our clients means being accessible and responsive. We pride ourselves on maintaining client relationships by being available when and where our clients need us.

LORENA RAMIREZ - YUCATAN LAW OFFICE, is available to assist our clients in different time zones and around the clock to deliver rapid and responsive results that consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our team includes Business and Tax Advisors which have a professional staff of experienced accountants and consultants who provide numerous financial and fiscal services.

LORENA RAMIREZ - YUCATAN LAW OFFICE, Attorneys at Law Who Move at the Speed of Business.